What Happened When A Chopper Went To Recover Bodies From North Sentinel Island


Commandant Pravin Gaur of the Coast Guard never thought he would be outmanoeuvred by the primitive Sentinelese tribesmen but he was. With a crew of four, he flew to North Sentinel Island in 2006 to retrieve the bodies of two fishermen who had been killed after getting stranded there. His helicopter was attacked by arrows and spears and he couldn’t land the first time round. So he tried to divert their attention. He flew 1.5 km away and, as he expected, the Sentinelese men ran after the chopper. He then swung back, landed near the place where the two bodies were buried in the sand and his crew actually managed to dig the bodies out. They noticed the men had been strangulated. But the Sentinelese came back and the chopper had to lift off to safety. Commandant Gaur tried to outsmart the Sentinelese again. But failed. The bodies of the two fishermen are still on the island. American John Allen Chau’s body could well meet the same fate.

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