Venezuela protests ignite as people rally to oust Maduro


VIOLENT protests have erupted in Venezuela leaving at least seven dead after thousands took to the streets in a bid to oust President Nicolas Maduro.

Marxist Maduro’s five-year reign looks set to be over after US-backed rival Juan Guaidó swore himself in as interim president to challenge the feared strongman.

At least seven people demonstrating against Maduro’s government were killed on Wednesday, including four gunned down in the southwestern city of Barinas.

Shocking pictures show masked men firing tear gas, protesters burning cars and civilians covered in blood after being beaten up by cops who fired tear gas against demonstrators.

Tens of thousands of protesters answered Guaidó’s call to the streets after Maduro started his second term of office on January 11 following disputed elections.

The move sparked reactions across the world, with the US the first country to officially recognise Guaido as the interim president…

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