US midwest plummets to -54C (-65.2F)


It’s so cold in Chicago people are being mugged for their COATS as the US Midwest is struck with freezing temperatures as low as -54C.

Spurred on by some of the coldest temperatures in 20 years, the cruel thieves seem to be targeting Canada Goose down jackets.

The coats, made popular by celebrities in recent times, are proving even more valuable than their £1,000 price-tags as authorities warn the public in some areas they’ll “freeze to death in minutes”.

The brutal polar vortex is set to unleash savage blizzards that will deliver Siberian-like temperatures to the likes of Minnesota, Wisconsin and South Dakota.

In such harsh conditions, authorities warn frostbite and hypothermia are a constant threat.

The brunt of the vortex will slam arrive n the middle of the week, according to US National Weather Service…

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