Trump: Google, Facebook and Twitter are trying to silence people


DONALD Trump has renewed his attack on Google and social media giants – claiming they are “trying to silence a very large part” of America.

The US President said social media giants and search engines are treating conservatives and Republicans “unfairly”.

But in an apparent U-turn from yesterday, Trump said regulating the firms was not the answer and instead called for “fairness”.

Speaking to reporters at the White House today, he said: “I think that Google and Facebook and Twitter … treat conservatives and Republicans very unfairly.

“I think it’s a very serious problem because they’re really trying to silence a very large part of this country, and those people don’t want to be silenced.

“It’s not right. It’s not fair. It may not be legal, but we’ll see. We just want fairness.”

When asked about new federal regulations, Trump said that wasn’t what he’s after.

He said: “You know what we want? Not regulation. We want fairness. When we have fairness we’re all very happy.”

Google has pushed back sharply again on Trump’s fresh claims.

“We never rank search results to manipulate political sentiment,” the company said in a statement.

BY Patrick Knox

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