Trump declares national emergency over border wall


DONALD Trump has vowed that trade with the UK will see a huge boost after Brexit – when we finally secure a trade deal.

The US President insisted today that trade will increase “very substantially” when an agreement is done with us once we’re done with the EU.

He told reporters at a press conference today: “The UK and the US as you probably have been seeing and hearing, we are agreeing to go forward and preserve our trade agreement.

“We have a very good trading relationship with the UK and that has just been strengthened further.

“So with the UK we are continuing with our trade, we will be increasing it very substantially as time goes by.”

And he said there was a “very good” relationship between the US and the UK.

The remarks come just months after the US President sparked chaos with an interview in The Sun, where he said a trade deal could be off the cards with the US due to complications with Brexit.

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