The O’Reilly Factor 12/08/16 – President-Elect Donald Trump ‘THANK YOU’ Rally, Critics slams Trump


The O’Reilly Factor 12/08/16 – President-Elect Donald Trump ‘THANK YOU’ Rally FULL SPEECH in Iowa, Critics Slams Donald Trump over election promises, Donald Trump will remain Executive Producer on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

Critics Slams Donald Trump
Guest: Juan Williams
Folks that opposed the election of Donald Trump are now seeking to undermine his presidency – before it even starts. The main thing they’re targeting him for is his promise to heavily tax businesses that fire employees and move out of the country to cut costs. He says he’ll hit them with a 35% tax on the goods they ship back to the U.S. Mr. Trump has faced critics on both the Left and Right over this plan. Tonight we’ll tell you what they’re saying and whether it effects Trump’s plan to get involved in American business

Donald Trump’s Secretary of State Speculation
Guest: Jennifer Griffin
Who will be the next Secretary of State? There’s been lots of speculation on who will fill the role. Tonight, Fox’s Jennifer Griffin will tell you what she knows