The O’Reilly Factor 12/05/16 – Bill O’Reilly on James Mattis & Donald Trump’s immigration Policy


The O’Reilly Factor 12/05/16 – Bill O’Reilly explains how Donald Trump’s immigration policy helped him win US Election, Charles Krauthammer Reacts to Talking Points, Watters World Chistmas 2016 edition, What You Should Know About General James Mattis

Coming to America – Bill O’Reilly on illegal immigration

One of the reasons Donald Trump won the presidency is that millions of Americans believe they are being conned on the issue of immigration. Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party had absolutely no interest in being responsible on the issue of people traveling to the USA illegally. She put forth no vision on immigration other than the status quo which has been a colossal failure. Trump, on the other hand, presented a “tough guy” approach to enforcing