The Mark Levin Show 1/25/17 | President Trump going to build the wall along with Mexico


The Mark Levin Show 1/25/17 | America’s darling Mary Tyler Moore has passed away at age 80. Her shows, regardless of politics, was very American and reflective of our cultures. Also, President Donald Trump is going to build the wall along the border with Mexico. They were supposed to build the wall over 30 years ago. Who cares if Mexico’s paying for the border wall or not, just build it! The federal government spends over $125 billion a year, so take a small portion of that and take care of that border. The Mexican government was never going to directly pay for the wall, but now the left is worried about the American taxpayer being on the hook for the it. They’re not worried about the taxpayer and all the costs associated with illegal immigration, such as education, healthcare, social services, and law enforcement.