The Kelly File 12/08/16 – Newt Gingrich interview, President-Elect Donald Trump ‘THANK YOU’ Rally


The Kelly File 12/08/16 – President-Elect Donald Trump ‘THANK YOU’ Rally, Critics slams Trump, President-Elect Donald Trump: We will Suspend Immigration From Region where it Cannot be Safely Vetted

Dems Losing Minds Over President-Elect Donald Trump Picks to Run Environmental Protection Agency, Newt Gingrich Reacts To President-Elect Donald Trump’s Rally in Iowa, President-Elect Donald Trump: We will Put an end to Illegal Immigration, Panel on President-Elect Donald Trump’s Immigration Plan, VP-Elect Mike Pence Touts Carrier Deal During Iowa Rally, Union Leader Says Donald trump Inflated Number of Jobs Saved in Carrier Deal, Donald Trump, Union Leader Clash Over Carrier Deal, New Debate Over Legacy of Obama Presidency, President Obama, Advisors talk Race as 2nd Term Draws to a Close, Obama Admin Reacted On Role of Race in Presidency