Shepard Smith Reporting 11/04/16 | Hillary Clinton works to Shore up Support in Key State


Shepard Smith Reporting 11/04/16 – Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton Battle for support in OH and PA, Donald Trump Jobs Report: “Phony Number”, Hillary Clinton Leads Donald Trump 67% 19% with Hispanics, President Obama Speak at Hillary Clinton Rally in NC, Candidates Campaigning in Key Swing States in Final Days Before the election, Donald Trump 3.3 Points Lead In Ohio is His Highest Margin Since Early October, Support For Donald Trump In Michigan is up eight point Over the Past two Week, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are Separated by Three point or Less in CO, IA and PA, President Obama; I Have seen what Makes America Great, We cant Became Coplacent , Focus on Choice we have, Donald Trump is Temperamentally not fit, They also sent letters to the landlords of dispensaries, warning that action could be taken if illegal activities continued. One landlord evicted a CannaGreen shop on Roydon Pace earlier this week.