Shepard Smith 11/10/16 – President Elect Donald Trump & President Obama Meet in Oval Office


Shepard Smith 11/10/16 – President Obama: Had an “Excellent” & “WIDE – RAGGING” Conversation, President Elect Donald Trump: “Very Much Looks forward” To Dealing with Obama, President Obama & President Elect Donald trump Meet At Days After Insulting Each Other on Campaign Trail

House Speaker Ryan on Special report, No Staff was inn Oval Office Meeting with Obama and Donald trump, President Elect Donald trump Meet with senate Majority Leader Mitch Mcconnell, Donald trump Says He Looks Forward to Obama’s Counsel in the Future, President Elect Donald trump Refuge to let Journalist Travel W/ him Today, President Elect Donald trump Leaves Capital Hill after Meeting with Republican Leader, Democrats Could turn to Liberal wing to Rebuilt party, Donald trump campaign manager Confirm Admin job Offer, Donald trump Transition Team Preparing for First Month in Office, Secret Services NYPD & Private Security Securing Donald trump tower In NYC, Secret Services Vetting People Living and working In Trump tower