Raw footage as Paris’ Yellow Vest protest turns violent


French officials on December 2 said they might impose a state of emergency to prevent looting after several days of violent protests.

Three people reportedly died in incidents related to the protests which began on November 17 over rising taxation but grew into general anti-government demonstrations.

This footage, recorded on November 1, shows protesters, riot police and fires burning near the Arc de Triomphe in central Paris.

The Arc de Triomphe was among hundreds of buildings attacked by anti-government ‘Yellow Vest’ fuel price protesters on Saturday — who said their actions were “the start of a revolution”.

Frederic Lagache, of the Alliance police union, called for a state of emergency to be called and for “army reinforcements” to guard national monuments.

He said: “We are in an insurrectional climate.”

The move would give more powers to the security forces, ranging from stop-and-searches to carrying out raids on the homes of suspected rioters.

Graffiti was daubed on the famous landmark calling for President Emmanuel Macron’s resignation ahead of his tour through the scenes of destruction.

Burnt out cars also littered the streets of the French capital.

Inspecting the graffiti-covered monument after he returned from the G20 summit Macron was booed by protesters after more than 12 hours of violence in the French capital.

After seeing the devastation for himself Macron then headed a crisis meeting over what is thought to be the worst rioting in France since the civil unrest in 1968.

There were more than 400 arrests and up to a 130 serious injuries – including 23 police officers.

Reports have indicated the CRS, the French riot police, used “grenades” to gain control of the Parisian streets and stop the protesters.

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