PM Theresa May statement outside Number 10 after winning the vote of confidence


THERESA May tonight saw off Labour’s attempt to kick her out and trigger a General Election – but now the hard part starts AGAIN.

The PM announced talks with opposition leaders as she attempts to thrash out a Brexit deal which can actually work – or prepare for No Deal.

Mrs May survived this evening’s no-confidence vote after the Tories and DUP weighed in behind her to stop Mr Corbyn getting a shot at No10.

She won the support of 325 MPs, with 306 voting against her – a majority of 19.

But she is still no closer to reaching a Brexit deal which Parliament and the EU can accept following last night’s record-breaking Commons defeat.

All Tory and DUP MPs voted to keep Mrs May in office, along with Northern Ireland independent Sylvia Hermon – while all opposition MPs voted against her except three ex-Labour independents.

Speaking outside Number 10 tonight the PM begged Jeremy Corbyn to work with her to deliver Brexit – saying it was time for them to work together.

The PM said she was disappointed that so far the Labour boss has rejected calls to find a Brexit plan that MPs can agree with. But she added: “our door remains open”.

Tonight she had talks with the SNP, Lib Dem’s and Plaid Cymru in an attempt to find a way forward through the deadlock.

But the Labour boss insisted that a No Deal Brexit must be taken off the table first.

It comes just 24 hours after her Brexit deal suffered a humiliating defeat last night.

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