PBS NewsHour full episode September 25, 2018


Tuesday on the NewsHour, President Trump criticizes a woman who says she was sexually assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh. Also: Trump addresses the world at the United Nations, Bill Cosby sentenced to prison, counteracting the mounting plastics problem, how the Trump administration is affecting rising prescription drug prices and why education has become a key issue in the Wisconsin governor’s race.

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Kavanaugh defends teenage self as Trump attacks accusers

News Wrap: Pope concedes church change needed amid scandals

Coons: FBI should investigate Kavanaugh allegations

Kavanaugh will defend his integrity at hearing, friend says

Leaders confront Trump’s ‘America First’ philosophy at UN

Bill Cosby and the turning tide for sexual assault survivors

Plastic lasts more than a lifetime, and that’s the problem

Why are drug prices still going up despite Trump promises?

School concerns spur passions in Wisconsin governor’s race

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