Home Nightly News PBS NewsHour full episode September 11, 2018

PBS NewsHour full episode September 11, 2018


Tuesday on the NewsHour, more than a million people are ordered to evacuate the Carolinas ahead of potentially catastrophic flooding and storm damage from Hurricane Florence. Also: The Trump administration’s latest step to roll back efforts to fight climate change, where things stand in Afghanistan, the health effects of wildfires, how the secretary of education views for-profit schools and more.

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Carolinas brace for ‘monster’ Hurricane Florence

News Wrap: U.S. marks 17th anniversary of 9/11 attacks

Trump’s EPA eases rules on climate-changing methane

17 years on, is Afghanistan making progress toward peace?

Wildfires bring lingering worries about what’s in the air

How Betsy DeVos wants to defang rules for-profit colleges

Why we need to get young adults out of their comfort zone

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