‘Mobster mentality’: China’s state media calls out U.S. over trade tariffs


Chinese state media accuses the United States of a “mobster mentality” in its move to implement additional tariffs on Chinese goods, and warns Beijing had all the necessary means to fight back. Grace Lee reports.

Beijing sent another warning shot to Washington on Thursday, with its state media accusing the U.S. of “mobster mentality.”

In an editorial, state newspaper China Daily said that China’s still trying to avoid a trade war but in the face of America’s “ever greater demand for protection money,” it has no choice but to fight back.

This comes after blowback on Wednesday, when China vowed to slap additional tariffs on U.S. imports – 25 percent on $16 billion dollars in goods – in retaliation to U.S. plans of collecting the same.

In July, both countries slapped duties on $34 billion of each other imports, with Washington firing first.

Now the U.S. says, its considering hiking proposed tariffs on an additional $200 billion dollars worth of Chinese goods.

The trade dispute between the two is already impacting a range of industries, from steel to cars, and causing tension over which products could be targeted next.

China says it can weather the storm and official data on Wednesday backed up that claim.

It showed the country’s exports rose more than expected, and import growth accelerated to its fastest since January.

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