Eight officers injured after hostage situation in Connecticut – Daily Mail


The officers suffered injuries that are not life-threatening in the blast at a barn behind the couple’s home in Quinnipiac Avenue in North Haven on Wednesday night. The woman – who reportedly filed for divorce from her husband last month – called police at around 2.30pm after being held hostage for several days. It led to police officers and a SWAT team descending on the property and working for several hours to coax the suspect to come outside. During the stand-off, the barn – which may have been rigged to blow with booby traps – exploded at around 8.30pm, sparking a massive fire that spread to the house and injuring the officers at the scene. The woman, who was savagely beaten, was able to escape before the explosion occurred – but her estranged husband’s fate remains unclear. Police have also yet to elaborate on what detonated or if the suspect had explosives inside the home. Neighbours told Fox61 that the man had bombs inside the home.

Original Article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5686115/Huge-explosion-rocks-Connecticut-town-leaving-EIGHT-police-officers-injured.html
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