🇻🇪 How to solve the political crisis in Venezuela? | Inside Story


After years of turmoil, Venezuela’s political crisis has escalated dramatically over the past few days.
The head of the opposition-controlled National Assembly declared himself the interim President after the biggest protests against Nicolas Maduro in two years.
The U-S, Canada and much of Latin America quickly threw their support behind Juan Guaido.
But Maduro says he’s not going anywhere, and has ordered U-S diplomats to leave the country by Sunday.
So what will this mean for Venezuela’s deep economic and political crisis?

Presenter: Laura Kyle


Paul Dobson – Journalist for www.venezuelanalysis.com

Leopoldo Martinez – Former Venezuelan Congressman and President of The Center for Democracy and Development in the Americas.

Christopher Sabatini – Executive Director of the Think Tank Global Americans and Editor of the news and opinion website www.latinamericagoesglobal.org/

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